Thursday, 9 May 2019

What makes up a community

 In social science, My group and i created this presentation about what makes a community.In this presentation, we brainstormed all our idea's about what makes a community,One of the idea's we came up with was that a community is " A place  where people live and a place where people can meet.In every community there are different laws or rules to other community's.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Te Reo Maori

In New Zealand, the indigenous language is Te Reo Maori was dying. Te Reo Maori they say it wasn’t worth teaching back then. Their attitudes have changed because of how they didn’t really speak te reo. Back in the 1980s, Te Reo Maori was not allowed in schools for much of this time. But more people are taking pride in their nations and indigenous culture. Only ⅕ could speak the language. But now the language is getting popular among new Zealanders.New Zealanders even use the reo words when speaking English. The actor Ed Eramiha was excited about the future of the language he says its treasure for us to pass this great gift to people who want to learn it. Angela fieldes Works at a children's daycare center.She teaches her children how to speak te reo. Her children picked it up really quick. When they picked up the language really quick they performed a waiata or a song in her class. The song teaches about Maori colors and numbers. There have never been many te reo speakers  

My opinion about this is........

The main point about this is learning about te reo maori.This summary is about Te reo maori not been popular in New zealand.But i think Maori language is great because i think that it is getting more popular and more people are speaking it in the country.I also think the language is great because teachers are teaching te reo in schools and are also teaching Maori songs and poems.