Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Superhero Writing

WALT: to write creatively

What i want my superhero to be like,

If i was to be a superhero, my name would be captain Maria, Also my superhero’s outfit would be Black pants,Red t-shirt,Blue cape,My logo would be a shape of an heart and the colour of my logo will be red and blue i would want my superpowers to be invisible.My transportation would be to clap my hands and then it will take me somewhere else.I would go somewhere far to where there’s a lot of dangerous things.When there is dangerous things i would use my superpowers to try and save the people that are near it.This is what i want my superhero to be like if i had one.

Today my literacy class had being learning about creative writing.In our writing we had to write about.How to be a superhero,A day of for villain, and 48 hours with Legos,

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Tea bag experience Maths class

We started of by taking the tea leaves out of the teabag and then Mrs stone opened the teabag and put it on the chair.After Mrs stone put it on the chair she grabbed the lighter and put it on fire while our maths class watched. 

The air inside the teabag was hotter than the cold air outside.The cold air is more "dense" this means the particles are closer together and they have less energy than hot air.This meant that the teabag flew up in the air.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Inquiry Rubric

Image result for mondrian

(Piet Mondrian)

The 3 elements in this art is Line,shape and colour,(Colour) Piet Mondrian has used Yellow,Blue,Black,Red,and shaded Gray to put in his piece of art work he sometimes uses dark colours to put in his art work(Shape)In this art work there are 2 different shapes Rectangles and squares these shapes are often found in buildings and art works.(Line)Piet Mondrian has used a lot of lining in his artworks and has added colour to his lining.He also uses lining to make different kinds shapes in his artwork. Piet Mondrian is well known as the greatest artist in 20th century.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Attitude talk with Tony

Today we had our team 5 puberty talk with Tony,When you go through puberty you will start to grow in different area's of your body,One thing that we need to know is we are valuable to other people and,another thing we need to always keep in mind is to look after our body's and take care of our skin.

Did you know that there are four places where you don't grow hair?Guess what i learnt today, I learnt where we don't grow hair these are the four places where you don't grow hair.your palms,eyes,lips,And at the bottom of your feet.but everywhere else you grow hair if you're going to shave you have to make sure you're with an adult that knows what there doing.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Transformation Style

WALT:  transform shapes using reflection, rotation and translation

Monday, 6 August 2018

Immersion assembly

WALT: to identify and use a topic sentence correctly

On Monday at immersion assembly every team had to show what they are going to learn for this term.The topic for this term is move ya body which relates to healthy 1’s video is about making sure you get some sleep,and stay healthy. Team 2’s video showed some Healthy Habits, In team 3’s video there one was a lot of dancing which is related to the topic.Team 4’s video was about the different exercises that you can do to keep fit and the very last Team 5 did not have a video they did a item on stage, The teachers in team 5 did Tai chi on the stage.Im looking forward to learning more about healthy bodys and many other things related to healthy bodys.