Thursday, 28 July 2016

Thursday, 7 July 2016

My Real life hero

Walt: Explain and describe a real life hero

Some heroes are police,firemen,doctors,or even our parents.Things that heroes do for others is save lives or look after the people that get hurt and waits for help.A Hero is a person of notable courage who helps people.

A hero is a person that protects and defends others.Heros can also save people from danger and if they need help.Firefighter,nurses,doctors,
Ambulance,police offers an all examples.

My real life hero is my dad because he is always there for me and makes sure there is food on the table.My dad also makes sure that all the bills are paid and keeps my family safe.So when someone comes to rob us my dad gets up and chases them away from our house so they don’t come back.

I love my dad because he is my real life hero.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Art Gallery

                                             School Art Gallery

Hey Guess what?Pt england school had art gallery and it just opened yeah how exciting.When we went to go see our art it had more details bright colours.The favourite art that i like is team 4 because they have lovely colours and cool drawing.Also what i learned about was comic art spring, autumn, winter and summer. They a the things that i learned about when i went to see art gallery and all the other art were amazing and fabulous.   

Friday, 1 July 2016

My Speech Marks

Walt: use speech marks and other punctuation marks correctly
As soon as Tim got his pocket money, he jumped on his bike and raced straight down to the shop. “How can I help you?” asked the shopkeeper.
Tim looked long and hard at all the ice-blocks and finally said, “I'd like a lemonade ice-block please”. “Here's your ice-block, That will be one dollar and fifty cents,” said the shopkeeper. Tim put his money on the counter and headed out the door calling, “Thanks very much,” as he went.

“Come back,” called the shopkeeper. “There's fifty cents change”.
“In that case,” said Tim, walking back to the counter, “I'll have a packet of chewing gum as well,” “There you go”. “I hope you enjoy it”, said the shopkeeper. “I will,” said Tim.

My whitebaiting

Walt: Understand the author's point of view Find proof in the text to support our answers.