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Walt: Understand the importance of thinking critically about information presented to us

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Editing a pragraph

Walt: edit a paragraph so that it has the correct punctuation marks and makes sense


Walt: Make predictions and write what we think will happen during experiments

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Kawau island

Walt: Write a detailed recount about our experience to Kawau Island
Image result for kawau island campOn the 15th of November the year 6 went to camp.It was so exciting because we were looking forward to getting on the fairy.When we got to the ferry we had to unload our bags from the bus to the ferry.When we were unloading the bags to the fairy people were getting tired so then only some people were helping and some people went to have lunch.Fin

When we got on to the fairy Miss West and Miss Takerei were taking photos of me, Kei and Mereana.One of the photos we took was  funny because me and kei looked like we were neards on snap chat.When we got to kawau island it looked so cool because it was our first time there.When we got there we had to unload the bags from the fairy to the deck.When we finish we had to put our day bag on an sit under a tree in our camp lines.

After that we went hiking up the Killer Hill When we started we were moaning. When we stopped mr s turned around he sees ajani holding five bags in his hands.After all of that we got back and made our beds and then moved on to our activities after our activities we got free time.When we got to have free time we had a swim in the beach and we went to the pontoon it was so fun on the pontoon.Because we got to jump of the pontoon and when we got to jump of it was shallow and plus it was so cold.after free time we had lunch and then we were doing some jokes and had a shower and had aslee.

Then woke up and had dinner and watched a movie the movie took for an hour and we were all going to sleep.When we were asleep we were getting bitten and it was getting so annoying so i woke up and the movie was still going on.After the movie we went to bed and brushed our teeth and waited for a teacher to turn of the light before a teacher turned of thr light i was already asleep.The next day we had to wake up at 6:30 in the morning before we had to wake up our cabin was already up cleaning our beds for the day.When we finish we had to go have breakfast
And wash out teeth and get ready for our activities.

My next secound activities was kayaking it was cool because we got to wet mr sommerville but i couldn’t wet him because he always got a way from me.So When he saw mereana fell out of her kayak i went up to him and wet him and then i started laughing at him.But it was so sad becuase mereana fell out of her kayak and she was crying so then we had to stop and play some games.We had to stop near the pontoon and hold on to it and thne nyree had to swoop kayaks with jonathan nyree went all the way to the end and jonathan came next to me.After that game we played rock paper sessers if you won you will be an chicken and the when you go play.With someone else and won the you will become a pig.

After that one you have to go to the next person i played with mr sommerville and i won so i became a human if you were a human then you won.After kayaking we went to get dried and had lunch what we had for lunch was burgers and biscuits and fruit.After all that we had to move to our next  activities and it was bivouac when we went to bivouac.It was soo cool because my bivouac was water proof and the others weren’t water proof.

Why we were doing bivouac i was helping the people who were doing orienteering it was cool helping because.I knew were some letters were after helping the people we went to justices bivouac and it was waterproof.After all of that we went back to the building and had afternoon tea it was so yummy because burgers and it had slade ham beef tomatoes it looked so yummy.But the funnest thing about lunch is when people were staring at mr sommerville's white legs and we were all laughing at him and then we stop.After we finish laughing at mr sommerville we  went to sit on the deck and waited for mr s to tell us when to have.

Dinner we all couldn’t wait for dinner because it looked so yummy after dinner we had dessert and it was looked so yummy we got to pick 3 different ice cream flavours and jelly.It was so yummy and we were allowed to go for seconds when we went for secoonds we were only allowed a liitle bit of ice cream and jelly.After that we all went to bed and waited for miss west to turn of our light and closed door so we can go to sleep.The next day we woke up and had breakfest for breakfest we had cold food and hot food.For breakfest i had hot food i had mince on toast and patatos it was so yummy.

On the second to last day we had so much fun after all our activities we had free time during out free time there was a dead stingray.It was so sad because vill kept playing around with it after that we went to the pontoon and heaps of people keeped on pushing.So then i went out of the water and had a shower and went to go for a sleep untill free time finished.When i woke up and went out of my cabin the whole hall way was wet and then miss west came and dryed the fall.Why miss west was drying the fall i went down stairs and was talking with mr sommerville and mr goodwin it was so funny because mr goodwins legs were so hot and he was saying ouch.

After all that we went to have lunch and played some games until every body finish lunch.When volly the boys kept on hitting  the ball the wrong way.After playing volly we had to go back to the deck and listen to what mr somerville was saying.When mr sommerville finished we went to play some games and singing songs and chucking rocks in the beach.After that we had dinner brushed our teeth and went to bed.Woke up in the morning and cleaned up our cabins packed our staff and took it to the deck so mr sommerville can sort it out the bags.When he finished packing we had a little game and then had a little snack.After that we went to sit on the bench near the water and we were singing to mr sommerville and he liked it.After all that we had to get our lunch from the teacher and put it in our bag so when we get to the bus we can eat it.When we finished getting our lunch were still singing until the ferry.
                                   THE  BEST  CAMP

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Problem Solving

Walt:  solve problems using algebraic equations.

welcome to my problem solving in my problem solving it has math staff.
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Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes Animation

Welcome to my animation in my animation it has atoms of solid,liquid and gas.
I hope you enjoy watching my animation thank you for watching.

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Lost in the bush test

Walt: write a narrative
In the bush there were two people they were walking past and the people who were walking past was a boy and a girl.When they walked pass we said hi and then they replied back after we finish saying hi we asked.Where they were going and they said they were going camping in the bush so we said can we come along and check it out.Then the boy and the girl said sure and then we said thank you when we got there it looked so.Cool because there tents were up and there camping spot was very pretty with all the birds around and the butterflies.

When we were in the bush we decided to put our tent up and look for a place where it has flowers and butterflies.Suddenly we stop and we saw a very beautiful place so we ran as fast as we can to the place and it looked so so beautiful.So then we put up our tent and then we made our beds so that we could sleep in it.After doing all our camping staff we went back to the other peoples camping space once we got there.There was no body there so then we went looking and looking and there was no one.After looking for them we went to other places that we did not no when we stop i saw a big place and it had flowers lovly trees and brids hanging around the area.

After coming back from the area we went back to the people’s tent and they were still not there so then we went back to our tent and went for a little nap.After having a nap we woke up and had some lunch and the cleant up our mess and then cleaned up the bed.Then went for another walk to another place and we saw a river and.It looked very beautiful and i really loved and after that it was dark time so then we went to our.Camping spot and then went to sleep the next day we left back to auckland and that was the end of the story.THE END

Lost in the forest

Walt: narrate a story about a character getting lost in the forest while camping]

Once a upon a time a little girl went camping with her friends.They were having heaps of fun and then they went to build their tent to sleep in.While they were putting the tent up, they were talking about what they should do after that.Once they finished building the tent they went to look around the forest.They walked for so long then they suddenly were lost.

When they were lost they looked at there phones and there phones were only 1% so they try going on there phones to get connection.So they go back to their camping spot but then their phones turned of so they kept looking for there camping spot.But then they kept on getting lost and they kept saying help help but no one could hear them.THE END HOPE YOU ENJOY

The Rena Ship

Walt: Understand the effects of the disaster How dose oil effect the oceans,sea life and humans.

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Bubble Experiments

Walt: Understand the water cycle Explain how water is reused.