Friday, 14 March 2014

Problem solving

We are learning to solve maths problems. There are seventeen sweets in the bag and 3 are milk bottles. if all the remaining sweets are jet planes how many jet planes are there?


  1. Hi penny
    I think the answer is 3 because I know that 17+3=20.
    From your classmate lyi sorn

  2. Hi penny I had fun playing with you at lunch time. From your friend sheena.

  3. Hi Penny,

    What a great maths problem. I like jet plane lollies!

    My answer is 14.

    If there are 17 lollies are in the bag and I take the 3 milk bottle lollies out, it leaves me with 14. So there are 14 jet plane lollies.

    17 - 3 = 14

  4. Hi Penny I think the answer is 14 because I know that 17-3=14. From your classmate Sheena