Friday, 16 October 2015

My holiday writing

Walt:write an effective recount.

Image result for holiday picturesIn the school holiday’s me and my family went to swimarama pools when we got there me and my big sister ran to the pool and jumped of the edge.

When i jumped my other sister pushed me  on my sister’s back and she got up and sat on my back and i drowned in the pool.when i got back up my big brother bombed and jumped on my sister's back.

after that i jumped on my brothers back and my brother and sister was drowning in the pool.After that i went and had lunch after i had lunch we had to wait for 10 minutes to go back in the pool after 10 minutes me and my other big brother went to the inside pool and when i got in the pool started playing.

With my brother when i was playing with my brother in the pool i saw gwynn when i saw gwynn she jumped in the pool and when she jumped in the pool a head from her and she saw where i went to go hide.When she saw me i was laughing at her and then she came to me and said i will see you on monday.after that i said i will see her on monday to so after that me and gwynn was playing together.

When we were playing together we were play tag in the pool after that i got changed and went home.after the pools me and my family had to go to my brothers house for his 18 tenth birthday.

At his birthday me and my sisters were playing on the bikes and when we were playing on the bikes we were playing tag.When we were playing tag i was in when i was in my sister tried to ride away from me but she fall of the bike.

When she fall i picked her up and took her inside after that we went to sang happy birthday to my big brother. After that we were going home but before we went home we went to GI.

After we went to GI we went home when we went home we had cake after we had cake we went and played with my friend.When i was playing with my friend my cousins came when they came we played tiggy.

after i finish playing tiggy i went back home and went to be before i went to bed i had dinner after dinner i went to bed.when i went to bed i putted on my pyjamas and went to bed.


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