Thursday, 7 July 2016

My Real life hero

Walt: Explain and describe a real life hero

Some heroes are police,firemen,doctors,or even our parents.Things that heroes do for others is save lives or look after the people that get hurt and waits for help.A Hero is a person of notable courage who helps people.

A hero is a person that protects and defends others.Heros can also save people from danger and if they need help.Firefighter,nurses,doctors,
Ambulance,police offers an all examples.

My real life hero is my dad because he is always there for me and makes sure there is food on the table.My dad also makes sure that all the bills are paid and keeps my family safe.So when someone comes to rob us my dad gets up and chases them away from our house so they don’t come back.

I love my dad because he is my real life hero.

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