Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Hiwi The Kiwi

Walt: Narrate a story about Kai Moana that teaches others things we need to remember

Image result for Hiwi the KiwiIn the holidays I went fishing with my mum and my dad. Before we got into the boat we had to put on our life jackets .It was so exciting because it was my first time fishing.

When I went fishing it was so cool because I caught a big fish. But we had to put it back because dad said that you never know if the fishy has babies or not.We need to put it back so there can be more fish in the future.

When you go fishing you always have to make sure that you bring a wet towel.So when you pick up a fish you won’t take off the coating if you didn’t take a wet towel and  you pick up the fish then you will take the coating off and then the fish will get sick if you put it back in the sea.The coating is like sunscreen for the fish.

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