Thursday, 22 September 2016

My Free Writing

Walt: write a narrative, recount, rap, poem, explanation or an 
instructional piece that is clear to the audience

Image result for playing at the beachOnce a upon a time there was a girl name lucy and she really loved walking to the beach because she loved the view.All of a sudden she fell asleep and by the time she woke up it was night time.So she got up and checked her phone and called her friend to pick her up from the beach.After her friend picked her up she went home and had dinner.

After she had dinner she went to sleep and the next day she went for another.Walk to the beach and she really really loved the view so she took a photo of the beautiful view then she went home and showed her beautiful children.Her children really loved the photo so they asked if they can go to the beach with her one day.

One day lucy took her friends to the beach when they went to the beach it was a sunny day.When they were at the beach the played with the sand played volleyball and played some other games.After playing games they had lunch and after having lunch they went to have a swim in the beach it was so cool the she really wanted to stay in the beach.After having a swim they all went back home and went to sleep THE END.

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