Thursday, 10 November 2016

Lost in the bush test

Walt: write a narrative
In the bush there were two people they were walking past and the people who were walking past was a boy and a girl.When they walked pass we said hi and then they replied back after we finish saying hi we asked.Where they were going and they said they were going camping in the bush so we said can we come along and check it out.Then the boy and the girl said sure and then we said thank you when we got there it looked so.Cool because there tents were up and there camping spot was very pretty with all the birds around and the butterflies.

When we were in the bush we decided to put our tent up and look for a place where it has flowers and butterflies.Suddenly we stop and we saw a very beautiful place so we ran as fast as we can to the place and it looked so so beautiful.So then we put up our tent and then we made our beds so that we could sleep in it.After doing all our camping staff we went back to the other peoples camping space once we got there.There was no body there so then we went looking and looking and there was no one.After looking for them we went to other places that we did not no when we stop i saw a big place and it had flowers lovly trees and brids hanging around the area.

After coming back from the area we went back to the people’s tent and they were still not there so then we went back to our tent and went for a little nap.After having a nap we woke up and had some lunch and the cleant up our mess and then cleaned up the bed.Then went for another walk to another place and we saw a river and.It looked very beautiful and i really loved and after that it was dark time so then we went to our.Camping spot and then went to sleep the next day we left back to auckland and that was the end of the story.THE END

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