Friday, 26 May 2017

YR'8 when there gone

For the last three days it has been amazing with miss Ilaoa and miss Judd.On the first day we had to get into our tech groups and pick one boy and one girl to be the leader for our groups after that we had to make a groups chant.Then show it to everyone when we were finish the teacher had to vote.The second day we had a challenge of building a house with marshmallows and food sticks.After that activity we went to tech and then came back and went and did sports one of my favourites sports is netball.The third day we had a shared lunch and another game of sports.After that we did /our team chant and we had a game of building the cups.

Thank you miss judd and miss Ilaoa for seting this games up for us we had alot of fun.

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  1. It's great to see you all having fun while the year 8s are away at camp. Which activity was your favourite?