Friday, 19 February 2016

Narrative Writing

WaltNarrate a story that includes an orientation, problem and solution.

Start your writing here:
One day there once was a boy named James who travelled a long way to a camping site.The camping site was very deep in a forest.   While they were making there way there, they notice that they were surrounded  by a lake and it was riddled with mosquitoes.

While James was out collecting wood for the fire, he came across a family that had forgotten their food. “Excuse me boy” said the mother, “my family and I have forgotten to bring some food for our camping”. “Could you please let us borrow some food for our lunch and dinner and we will give it back?”.

James was speechless “Um let me go ask my father if we can give use some food to borrow.When i ask dad for some food for the family near by he said yes.So we took the food to the family and then ate with the family.After that we went all the way back to our camping site.Then it was night time so we went and did the fire and when the fire was on we were having conversation about when we a happy.After that we went to sleep in our tent. HOPE YOU ENJOY

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  1. You have done a great job are you still my friend