Monday, 29 February 2016

Writing Test

One day there was a boy named James and he was going to school. When he got in class he went to go put his bag away when he went to go put his bag away he saw a person disappear.Then James kept on walking to his class to get his Chromebook and then his friends Chromebook disappeared.James asked his friends what going on his friends replied and said people are disappearing James replied that is strange.

Kathy replied to James lets go and find why are these people disappearing away James replied most of the children in the school is disappearing. Kathy replied why is this happening James said i think there is something going on in our class. Why the children went to go play outside a man came and took two child from one of the classes.
Then James and Kathy ran and told the principal that a man came in our school and took  two child's from this school.

Then Mr Burt rang the police and told them that a random man came in the school.After that the police went to search around the parks but they weren't there.So then they checked all around the houses and then they found the two child's. In.In a car raped around there legs and the mouth and there arms so the the police untied them and took them home.

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