Sunday, 9 July 2017


this is my work that i did with my friend she help me with it so don't forget to comment on my blog


  1. Hi Penny,

    It is really nice to read that you and your friend got together to work on an activity together for the Winter Learning Journey programme. We love to hear stories about students working together and supporting each other to work hard and learn new things.

    Well done! I really enjoyed reading your presentation and I learned something brand new about Dargaville - that is located 55 km southwest of Whangarei. I did not realise that the two towns were quite so close together...

    Keep up the great work, Penny! I hope to see you back online posting more great blogs really soon :)



  2. Hi Penny,
    I thought your presentation was great. I learned a great deal about Dargaville from it and I hope I get to visit this place soon. I hope you're having a great holiday. Say hi to Penny for me.

    Mrs Moala sent me a short clip of you, your sister and another girl singing at assembly. I wish I was there in person to see it. You've always been good at performing, I hope you are involved in your production this term coming.

    Love from Miss Lavakula