Sunday, 9 July 2017

list 5 favourite things

1.Auckland is the most popular,city in the world

2.Auckland is the perfect base from which to explore

3. Auckland has the most per capita than anywhere else in the world

4.Aucklands biggest landmark is Rangitoto island

5.The trendy shops and restaurants of Ponsonby,Auckland hippest strip.

this is my 5 favourite things about Auckland and don't for get to comment on my blog


  1. Hi Penny!

    I hope that you are enjoying your week here in this beautiful city of Auckland. What are you and your friends and family up to? My family has been out enjoying the sunny weather. Yesterday they went for a nice walk on a local beach before heading to the park to play a game of cricket. Today they are talking about going to visit Rangitoto. Have you ever been there? It is a pretty amazing island. I particularly love the view that you get of Auckland from the very top (summit) of the island. Did you know that it is actually a volcano? Pretty cool, eh?!

    I hope that you will have time to come back to the Winter Learning Journey programme soon. We'd love to share more interesting facts about New Zealand with you!


  2. P.S. Hi Penny, I can see that your post for this activity and Angel's post for this activity are identical. You are welcome to work together but we'd really appreciate it if you could please let us know if you do. Otherwise, we worry that people are copying each other's work without having permission to do so.

    Rachel (and the Winter Learning Journey blogging team)