Friday, 7 August 2015

My million drollars dco

If I had a million dollar’s, I will buy whatever I want to buy, no one can stop me by buying thing’s I want to buy. Or maybe I can buy Me a new house to live on. Or I can buy myself a car so I can go for a ride in the holidays…

If I want to go to the toy word I were but a teddy bear or a princess toy, Oh when I was little my mum use to buy me a big play house when I was four year old and then I grow up my aunty take it for her children. and my mum give my little casent all my teddy bear and my princess toy. but anyway I an growing up and I don’t want any toy it all……..

If I had a million dollars and then I went to JB Hi Fi what world I buy?..............I’ll buy some samsung galaxy s5, alpha drone quadcopter, ps4.I would buy these things so when I am bored I can play and text with all these things. And then I am not bored anymore and I will be so happy with those…..

If I had a million dollar’s I can buy every single thing I want to buy in every shop I want.

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