Sunday, 9 July 2017

Facts about new zealand

this is my fun facts  about new Zealand don't forget to comment


  1. Kia ora Penny! Welcome to the Winter Learning Journey blogging programme. It's great that you have joined the journey this holiday!

    I really enjoyed reading your DLO and learning more about three interesting places in New Zealand - Rainbow's End, Mt Maunganui and Okahu Bay. I have never been to any of these three places and, after reading your blog, I am really inspired to go and visit them!

    Have you ever had the chance to visit any of the places that you included in your blog? If so, which one was your favourite?

    Keep up the great work with your blogging. I can see that you have already posted another four activity posts so I will look forward to reading them over the next few days!

    Thanks again for joining us this holiday. We're really excited to blog with you!

    Rachel (and the Winter Learning Journey blogging team)

  2. My favourite place is Rainbow end becoz all the rides and the kids kingdom and all kinds of rides but my favourite ride is the GO Karts

    Penny Thank you

    1. Hi Penny,

      Thanks for taking the time to reply. I will definitely take Aronui Go Karting because he loves cars and would love to have the chance to drive a go-kart!